Bryan Reed

TOR Writer/Producer

Bryan Reed stands as a visionary whose musical voyage spans over three decades. His journey began in the heart of Virginia, where piano lessons with his grandmother laid the foundation for his multi-instrumental prowess. This early immersion in music, supported by a family deeply rooted in musical traditions, propelled him into a lifelong affair with sound.

After enriching his taste with the discipline and structure of military service, Bryan’s creative spirit found a new home at Turn Out Records LLC, an American online record platform under which he released his debut album, Come Closer (2020), showcasing his ability to blend smooth instrumental jams with intricate compositions, while honing a unique sound that resonates deeply within the contemporary smooth jazz scene.

His discography, including four albums and a number of singles, reflects a journey of musical evolution influenced by jazz giants such as Miles Davis, the funk-infused lines of George Duke, and the vibrant energy of bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and Incognito. With each release, Bryan invites listeners into a world where each note and melody tells a story of resilience, hope, and the sheer joy of living.

His latest single, "A Walk In The Clouds”, encapsulates his ethos: a celebration of overcoming adversity through the power of music, with a soundscape that motivates and uplifts. Bryan’s music is more than just melodies and harmonies; it's an invitation to experience the richness of contemporary jazz, crafted by a lifetime of dedication and influenced by the greats, a testament to his belief in music as a force for motivation and healing.

With his sophisticated compositions and productions, Bryan has carved out a niche in the jazz world. He continues to captivate and inspire, proving that with endurance and passion, one can indeed finish any race. Join him on a journey that celebrates the triumph of spirit through the language of music.